Please note the author's name above each rhyme below.  These rhymes are to be used by educators and are not to be used "for profit" - - Thank You...!  If you have an ERASE-, DRAW-, or COLOR-a-Rhyme that you'd like to share with others, please feel free to email me and I'll post it for you on this page.  If, by some chance, I have incorrectly credited an author, or if you happen to know who the author is for a piece below that hasn't received credit, please contact me. 

By Jessica By Sandy By Jeanine By Jan
Jack and Jill Bo Peep Teacher Punxsutawney Phil
Itsy Bitsy Spider Mary Had a Little Lamb Fire Safety  
Humpty Dumpty Old Woman in a Shoe Lost and Found Mitten  
Bear Sandy has
additional rhymes
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  The Cat in the Hat  
By Barb By Colleen By Belinda B. By Cindy
Spider Gingerbread Man Leprechaun Turkey
Rudolph     The Three Little Kittens
By ??? By Carolyn A.    
Mitten Gingerbread Man    

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